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Civilization: Is the West History?

Running Time:
6 x 48 minutes

Grade Level:
7 - Adult

Closed Captions

AVP Release Date:
November 2011

BBC / Channel 4

DVD - $149.99 $99.99

Niall Ferguson explores how Western civilization - a clear minority of mankind - secured a lion's share of the world's resources, and examines whether the West is about to be overtaken by the rest.

Ferguson reveals the 'killer apps' of the West's success - competition, science, the property owning democracy, modern medicine, the consumer society and the Protestant work ethic - the real explanation of how, for five centuries, a clear minority of mankind managed to secure the lion's share of the earth's resources.

Ferguson's conclusions are surprising and provocative. He reveals that while the killer apps have finally been downloaded by the rest, in the process Western civilization has lost faith in itself. And it is that loss of self-belief that poses the biggest threat to its continued predominance.

This series sets history firmly in the present, relying on parallels between our own time and the past. Although there is an underlying
chronology linking the six programs, each episode deals with a specific theme and is therefore capable of standing alone. Viewed in succession, they add up to a concise but comprehensive history of the world from 1400 to the present.

6 programs on 6 DVDs

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Closed Captioned

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