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A History of Women's Achievement in America

Running Time:
216 minutes

Grade Level:
7 - Adult

English Subtitles Spanish Subtitles

AVP Release Date:
April 2006

Ambrose Video/Centre

DVD - $129.99 $79.99

The unique and independent American woman: adventurer... pioneer... poet... mother... educator... artist... freedom fighter. A History of Women's Achievement in America examines the 400-year history of American women's inspiring accomplishments and victories.

Without the American woman's pioneering fortitude, the early colonies at Jamestown and Plymouth Plantation, would not have survived. From then on, millions of American pioneer women would push the frontier ever forward. Destined to play an essential role in the shaping of the United States; American women forged an identity unlike any other in the world. That identity found a voice as they created great literature and science.

American women, led the fight to end slavery, limit corporate power, provide education for all . . . and to protect the poor, the disenfranchised, the immigrants and the insane.

At the same time, these unique American women would have to fight tirelessly for their own equality in politics, education and the workplace... even the right to vote.

This program is an effective means of promoting Women's studies and the ideal educational tool for National Women's History Month.

This series contains eight programs on 4 DVDs.

Educational History DVD series EXTRAS:
*Teacher's Guide
*Historical documents
*Photo gallery
*Convenient menus
*English Subtitles for the hearing impaired
*Spanish Subtitles
*Hi-Def Enhanced


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