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A DVD History of the U.S. Constitution

Running Time:
224 minutes

Grade Level:
7 - Adult

English Subtitles Spanish Subtitles

AVP Release Date:
October 2005

Ambrose Video Publishing/Centre

DVD - $79.99

It is our nation's most revered document and a creation of mankind's enduring search for liberty and freedom. It resonates with the spirit of the times during which it was conceived and serves as a guide to an unknown and rapidly changing future. It is the United States of America's Constitution.

In this series we shall see how this document has protected the American people from the abuses of power and tyranny and how for over two centuries the principles set forth by the U.S. Constitution have empowered Americans to excel and aspire to greatness - great art, great literature, excellence and leadership in science and technology. The Constitution has enabled the United States to become the world's most prosperous and most powerful nation.

Hosted by Jeff Fahey, this series is chaptered into 47, five to seven minute stand-alone presentations that can be accessed with unprecedented ease. This educational history DVD series features easy to use menus and includes comprehensive ancillary materials: teacher guides, maps, documents, test blanks, and Spanish and English subtitle options on every disc.

Series of 8 programs on 4 DVDs.


UPC 739815003035

Programs in This Series
  • U.S. Constitution DVD No. 1

  • U.S. Constitution DVD No. 2

  • U.S. Constitution DVD No. 3

  • U.S. Constitution DVD No. 4

Clip Length: 2 minutes 45 seconds